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319,00 лв.



AMPIRE digital Parking Aid in the license plate, four-fold, front mounting
The "Ready to Go" system adapts to almost any vehicle found on the market today (except those with lateral registration plates), guaranteeing similar reading quality and coverage to products with capsules fitted into the bumpers.
The ultrasonic sensors come complete with a special support to secure them to the sides of the registration plate bracket supplied with the product.
An international patent makes the registration plate bracket system a META SYSTEM exclusive.
Quick fitting and no permanent changes to the vehicle are just some of the incredible features of this system.


Some Front Plate 4 features:
4 miniaturised sensors (transducer diameter 14 mm)
Signal reflection analysis for eliminating disturbances
Sensitivity adjustment on the relevant channels
MUTE function for the vehicle stereo system
Waterproof connectors (IP67)
Automatic timed and/or manual start by means of pushbutton and indicator LED
Made in Europe
Calibratable approach zone
Only 570mm total width

Shifting into reverse gear or pushing the button of the delivered switch, the back-up alarm is activated and begins monitoring after an acoustic information.
The system will lead you in total through 5 levels of distance in each parking lot and supports not only the measurement of distance it also "sees" the blind spot.

META SYSTEM products not only protect you against damage to property on your own or someone else`s vehicle, especially against person injury of unwary pedestrians or playing children. Already from a distance of 1.6 meters, the system detects obstacles and displays them acoustically. The system can be calibrated perfectly to each vehicle.