Video-in-motion Mercedes Comand APS NTG2/2.5/4/4.5

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Video-in-motion interface, for example for MP3-menu in upgraded DVD players or rear-view cameras. For Mercedes Benz with navigation systems Comand APS NTG 2/2.5/4/4.5 and VW Crafter with NTG 2.

On vehicles with NTG2/NTG4-2xx the video-in-motion function is activated permanently without disturbing the navigation performance. On vehicles with NTG2.5/NTG4.5 select the navigation level on the instrument and press the hang-up-button on the steering-wheel for more than 3 seconds to activate/deactivate the video-in-motion function. When the ignition is off, the video-in-motion interface will be automatically disabled.